About Us

What is XTT Coin?

With our vast and rich experience in the field of blockchain and digital currency, we have designed a very unique and innovative program for our community to achieve greater success and prosperity.

XTT Coin allows you to earn profits through a staking program. The limited supply of XTT Coin is mined through a proof of stake mechanism, where you can start by purchasing XTT Coins and then stake your holdings to earn weekly staking profit.

How I Get Rewarded?

Staking Process

On personal staking earn $2 per week as staking profit for each of $60

Buying XTT Coin

Start with a minimum purchase of $60 or higher values in the multiples of $60

Staking Period

The minimum staking period is 365 days. The longer you stake the higher profit you can earn

Profits on Staking

After reaching the 350% profit limit an upgrade is required with the same or higher value. Constant upgrades ensure greater staking and referral rewards.


How Staking Works?

XTT Coin

Buy a minimum of $60 worth of XTT Coins or more in multiples of $60

Stake Tokens

Stake your XTT Coin holdings to offer liquidity to the XTT Coin DeFi

Weekly Profits

Earn $2 weekly for each $60 worth staked tokens

Referral Rewards

Refer staking program & earn referral staking profits & many more incentives

Referral Staking Program

1 Direct Partner on L-R

Start earning an additional $2 every week on making One direct partner on left side and One direct partner on right side

Till 10 Partners on L-R

For every additional partner on left & right, you will earn an additional income of $2 till10 partners on each side

11 to 20 Partners on L-R

From 11th till 20th partners on both side will earn you an additional income of $3

After 20 Partner on L-R

From 21st partner onwords on both side, Each one direct in left and right side will earn you $4

Referral Staking Income

Sr.No Personally Sponsored partners in your Left Team Personally Sponsored partners in your Right Team Fixed Weekly Referral Staking Bonus
1 1 1 $2
2 2 2 $4
3 3 3 $6
4 4 4 $8
5 5 5 $10
6 6 6 $12
7 7 7 $14
8 8 8 $16
9 9 9 $18
10 10 10 $20
Sr.No Personally Sponsored partners in your Left Team Personally Sponsored partners in your Right Team Fixed Weekly Referral Staking Bonus
11 11 11 $23
12 12 12 $26
13 13 13 $29
14 14 14 $32
15 15 15 $35
16 16 16 $38
17 17 17 $41
18 18 18 $44
19 19 19 $47
20 20 20 $50

Top 10 achievers of Leaders Board and Chairman Board

Leaders Board

Sr.No Username Business

Chairman Board

Sr.No Username Business


What is XTT Coin?

XTT Coin is a multi-utility decentralized cryptocurrency, designed to empower and enrich its community.

XTT Coin works on proof of stake mechanism making it less expensive and affordable to all. This is the new cryptocurrency and people who entered in any cryptocurrency at the initial stage has made fortune out of it.

Association with XTT Coin is very easy, just purchase XTT Coin worth $60 or more, in the multiple of $60 and stake. Higher the staking value greater is the benefit.

Earning potential in cryptocurrencies is very high. Most of the cryptocurrency ICO’s have grown more than 20 times in a year. With XTT Coin you can earn tree ways. The first is token appreciation unlike other cryptocurrencies. Second is staking benefits on your staked value and the third one is referral incentives for sharing XTT Coin program.

XTT Coin referral program is a revolving system which pays you again and again from the same partner when he upgrades or buy new subscription.

Whenever your total earning from XTT Coin program reaches 350% of the staked value, an upgrade is mandatory. This rule enhances your staking portfolio as well as increased referral earning from the upgrade of existing team.

Earning potential in XTT Coinis infinite with its exceptional referral program however minimum 350% of the staked value plus token appreciation is what you can earn without even participating in the referral program. Collective profit of regular staking and token appreciation is expected to grow 10x to 100x in 365 days.

please contact the person who introduced you to this wonderful opportunity. For further information feel free to write on support or call respective country executives.